‘Of Mice and Men’

Some of the links below are my own but many are from other websites.

etext: ideal for searching the text and/or ‘wordcrunching’ (which is searching for recurring words and phrases).

GCSE Advanced Study Guide for those seeking the highest grades.

Commentary on the last chapter with extracts from the novel and explanation/analysis

Symbolism in the novel: a most informative explanation of Steinbeck’s use of symbols.  Well worth reding.  I personally do not think that characters can be described as ‘symbols’ – instead, it is much better to refer to their function in the novel by saying that they ‘represent…’

The Characters

Curley’s wife



Mostly for teachers

How well do they know the text? – multiple choice activity

Chapter One Activity

The Last Chapter activities

Powerpoint presentation on context

Wide-ranging powerpoint on context, Steinbeck, the characters and themes

Themes activity Grid

NEAB exam questions


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