The Tempest: Power and Control


Une tempête Claude Joseph Vernet – musée des beaux-arts de Marseille



The purpose of this page is to direct you to some parts of the play which would be useful to studying how Shakespeare develops this theme.  For instance, you might consider Prospero’s physical control of the elements, or how Caliban’s response to Prospero’s power demonstrates his personal despair and helplessness or, by addressing the allegorical aspects of the play, look at how the Caliban/Prospero relationship adds to our understanding of the subjugation of New World colonies by imperial expansionists.  For instance, look up the following:

Section/Speech beginning
I ii 352 ‘His art is of such power …’
I ii 370 ‘Follow me …’
I ii 185 ‘Thou art inclined to sleep   …’
1 ii 332 ‘This island’s mine …’
II ii 135 ‘Hast thou not dropped from   heaven? ’
IV i Power of masque
I ii 195 ‘I boarded the king’s ship
I ii 269 ‘This blue-ey’d hag ..’
I ii 478 ‘Silence! … ‘
I ii 395 ‘Allaying both their fury   and ….’
III ii Ariel has power over   Trinculo etc
II i 240 ‘She that is Queen of Tunis   …’
III iii 53 ‘You are three men of sin   …’
IV i 145 ‘You do look my son
V i 31 ‘Ye elves of hills …’



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