Chapter 8



Chapter 8

1)    Consider the relevance of the setting at this point in the story:

a)    the house 93-94

b)    ashheaps 99

2)    Differentiate between the different aspects of the artificial world 94-96

3)    Focus on the different forms of narration and identify the purpose and effect of each:

a)    Nick’s bemusement about ‘it was just personal’ 97

b)    Nick’s ‘rotten crowd’ etc comment and his disapproval 98

c)    Omniscient author’s narration 99-102

d)    Indirect presentation of Gatsby’s death 103

e)    No narration of Wilson’s death 103

4)    Identify the significance of Eckleburg 102, ashen figure 103

5)    Address the importance of the quest by looking at the following (you can combine a-d into one answer):

a)    ‘Following a grail’ 95

b)    loss of Daisy 97

c)    incorruptible dream 98,

d)    single dream 103

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