Chapter 6


Things to look out for in Chapter 6

(form structure language) 


American Dream:

Social Drama / Urban context / Discourse on social and financial divisions.  Social divisions shown by Sloane’s and Tom’s distaste for Gatsby’s company.




  • More rumour underground pipeline 94


  • Several weeks have passed.  The Saturday following Tom/Sloane/Woman’s visit

First person narrator reflects/comments:

  • Narrator uses reported speech to retell the story told to him by intradiegetic narrator Gatsby with Nick’s own gloss whereby Jay makes the dream search for ‘meretricious (false) beauty’ become a reality.  The Cody story was told later: Nick purports to tell the story now to dispel the rumours 97
  • Narrator’s direct experience of 2nd party narrated


Gatsby ‘haunted’ 95.  Contrast of ‘the ineffable (beyond expression) gaudiness and the ticking clock/’tangled clothes’ 95. The world seemed to be ironically founded on a fairy’s wing’.

Gatsby is keen to entertain Tom & friends, moving ‘quickly’, ringing bells.’ 98  Seems desperate by saying he will follow in his car’

Cody: a prospector pioneer in the Yukonand ‘every rush for metal’ 96.  His yacht represented ‘all the beauty and the glamour in the world’

Sloane: the name suggests class and defrives perhaps from association with  London High society 98.  Drinks nothing 98.  Doesn’t want Gatsby with them.  Nor does Tom

Gatsby’s second party: ‘the same profusion of champagne, the same many-the senses coloured, many-keyed commotion’.  Repetition and use of the senses.

Daisy: ‘voice was playing murmurous tricks in her throat’ 101


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