Chapter 3


Things to look out for in this chapter

(form structure language and characterisation)


Satire of social Group.  From details below

American Dream.  From details below

Realism Nick is documenting the truths about people in High Society but the nature of the social experience is, ironically, that it has the appearance of taking place on a film set. (Look at p30 and details below)



Rumour and anecdote before we meet Gatsby 29 32

Gatsby speaking to Jordan

Comedy of drunken activites

e.g. ‘Did we run outa gas?’ 36

First person narrator:

Nick’s observations of events (consider increased realism with a narrator’s p.o.v.)

Nick’s imaginings, separatedness & reflections 37-38

Nick’s considered view 29-30. Mocking party goers 29.  Social division East Egg / West Egg 30

Refers to himself as ‘one of the few honest people’ 39


(find more quotes and consider implications)

The party (juxtaposed with Myrtle’s – a structural point)

‘men and girls like moths’ 26

The preparations

The Drunkenness 35-37

Discord  34-35

Privacy/intimacy of large party

Old men pushing young girls back in graceless circles’ 31

Library (cf Daisy & Tom’s library – a structural point)

‘gothic’ with ‘English oak’ with real books 30



untrustworthiness 38

Contemptuous 28


First impression 32

Description of Gatsby’s isolation 33

Gatsby: ‘old sport’ 31, majestic’ 27

Underworld connection implied: ‘Chicago’ 32


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