‘The Great Gatsby’: How the story is written

In exams you are asked to write about how Fitzgerald has written the story.  Whether you are sitting an exam or not, these notes and the model essay should help you develop your understanding of the novel’s form, structure and language,  Click on the links for detailed analysis:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 Notes

Chapter 3 Notes

Chapter 4 Notes

Chapter 5 Notes

Chapter 6 Notes

Chapter 7 Sample essay

Chapter 8 Guided reading 


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2 thoughts on “‘The Great Gatsby’: How the story is written

  1. I finished reading the book only hours before watching the movie. I adored the book. I was in awe of the beauty of these sentences. And for me it was a very good adaptation of the book. One that was very much aware of its beauty. I rather would say that at times its eagerness to stay true to the book made it in the eyes of many movie goers a worse movie… Because it made for a very unusual story arch… as we never see the lovers being truly alone… making plans… exchanging declarations of love… No long personal dialogues, only public conversations, chatter, surfaces…


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