An Inspector Calls: Act 3 Activity: the generations

‘An Inspector Calls’

Aim: To identify the different feelings and views of three characters.


 Birling’s children respond to Eva’s tragic story in very different ways from their father.  Eric and Sheila care very much about certain aspects of her story.  Birling has different priorities – he cares about very different things.  Explain what each of the characters is most concerned about and how this is presented dramatically.


Write out the question and use the characters’ names as sub-headings.

Make neat notes and use short quotes identifying what each of the following characters feel is important during the course of the act:

  • Birling:
  • Eric:
  • Sheila:

Once this has been done, you will be able to answer the question in the form of linked paragraphs (i.e. using compare/contrast topic sentences).  Expect to write between a quarter and a third side of an A4 sheet for each character, including quotations.

Extension activity:

Look for dramatic techniques which Priestley has used to draw attention the characters’ differences.  These might include contrast, aspects of dialogue use, stage directions, stage business, use of props, structure of act


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