AQA GCSE English Language Old Unit 1: non-fiction texts

AQA GCSE legacy Language Exam Paper:

Understanding and Producing non-fiction texts: the exam paper

I am leaving this page online for the moment because it may still be useful – anyway, it is still getting hits.

Click on the links for detailed advice on how to answer these questions:

Question 4The comparative essay on non-fiction texts.  The page gives specific guidance and provides a sample essay, which is annotated with marker’s comments.

Question 5: Write to inform, explain, describe.  The page has a link to an invaluable Youtube video on how to write an A* letter, general guidance and a list of past exam questions

Question 6: Write to argue, persuade, advise.  This page identifies a wide range of recognisable writing techniques which you could use in your writing.  Also, there is a list of past questions, so that you can practise – there is no better a way to revise.


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