Damon Wildeve

Useful character quotes

×          The engineer who invades to become a publican (73).

×          Wildeve’s Patch – ‘after long and laborious years brought into cultivation’ (87)

×          Dismissed by the rustics

×          ‘those who don’t like you whisper things’ (95)

×          His movement ‘was the pantomime expression of a lady-killing career’ (93)

×          Nothing ‘to admire’ and nothing ‘to dislike’ (93)

×          He says to Eustacia : ‘You give me no peace’ (113)

×          ‘I think I drew out you before you drew out me’ (116)

×          Wildeve on both women: ‘I am not worth the little finger of either of you’ (137)

×          Thomasin on Wildeve: ‘Mr Wildeve is not a profligate man … He has an unfortunate manner and doesn’t try to make people like him’ (168)

×          Eustacia on Wildeve: What was Wildeve?  Interesting, but inadequate: (187)

×          Marries Thomasin to punish Eustacia (222)

×          ‘To be yearning for the difficult, to be weary of that offered; to care for the remote, to dislike the near; it was Wildeve’s nature always.’ (274)

×          ‘quick resentment frequent with him’ (277)

×          ‘Wildeve was mortified by the discovery that the matter in transit was money (283)

×          revengeful intention’ (286)

×          Christian on Wildeve: ‘a regular sharper’ (287)

×          ‘he forgot the loss of the money at the sight of his lost love’ (294)

×          ‘in a delirium of exquisite misery’ (323)

×          ‘If he were only to die’ (378)  He thinks this is a solution.

×          ‘You may command me Eustacia’ (407)

×          he looks ‘at the heath as if it were somebody’s gaol’  (yes Eustacia’s) (414)

×          ‘The spell that she had cast over him intensified’ (435)

×          ‘he was born for a higher destiny than this’ (443)


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