The Sequence of Events – structure


The  Narrative’s Sequence

×          Venn meets Thomasin after ‘some trifling irregularity in the licence’ (91) ‘a stupid mistake’ (94);

×          Venn & Captain Vye tell Eustacia, who tells Wildeve;

×          Guy Fawkes bonfire night (66); Rustics introduce the marriage 69/7;

×          What Wildeve & Eustacia say is reported to Venn by Johnny Nonsuch who had previously returned to Eustacia to avoid the reddleman – setting in the train, Diggory tells Mrs Yeobright that he would like to marry Thomasin.  This becomes her ‘weapon’ (152) – she speaks to Wildeve who then tells Eustacia who then finds ‘her lover was no longer to her an exciting man’ (157).  Clym’s impending arrival is announced at this point.

×          Once Eustacia stops looking for Clym, Hardy writes: ‘But Providence is nothing if not coquettish’ (175)

×          Charlie arrives at the point that Eustacia feels she will not have enough time to meet Clym (177).

×          Clym perceives that the mummer is not a boy.

×          Eustacia meets Venn on the heath (205) and determines to use him as a messenger (208)

×          Wildeve & Thomasin marry with Eustacia, brought by Venn, giving Thomasin away (220)

×          Susan Nonsuch draws blood (237)

×          Bucket in the well leads to Clym visiting Eustacia

×          Clym gives the pot to Eustacia not to his mother (249)

×          Clym and Eustacia meet on the night of the moon’s eclipse and express their love for each other (254)

×          Mrs Yeobright hears that the Captain has said that Clym & Eustacia are to be married – she and Clym argue (261)

×          Clym leaves (269)

×          Thomasin’s money problems and the spade guineas introduced (271)

×          Wildeve hears of the forthcoming Clym/Eustacia marriage (274)

×          Wildeve accompanies Christian on his mission (282) and Venn follows (283)

×          Christian loses both Thomasin’s and Clym’s money (287)

×          Venn and Wildeve gamble (289)

×          ‘Fortune had unmistakably fallen in love with the reddleman, tonight’ (291)

×          Venn gives all the money to Thomasin (295)

×          Mrs Yeobright visits Eustacia and argument ensues(302 –305)

×          Thomasin gives Clym his share (308)

×          Clym’s blindness (308)

×          Clym takes up furze cutting

×          The Gypsying (319)

×          Eustacia and Wildeve dance (322)

×          Venn sees a man detach himself from Eustacia’s side (327)

×          ‘Help me to keep him home at my will in the evenings’ (328) is taken seriously by Venn

×          Venn watches Wildeve (229-331)

×          Venn tells Mrs Yeobright

×          Both mother and son decide to see each other (334)

×          Mrs Yeobright rests at a spot above Clym’s house

×          Wildeve and Eustacia talk of their feelings near the sleeping Clym (344-6)

×          The door is not answered to Mrs Yeobright (347)

×          Mrs Yeobright meets Johnny Nonsuch

×          Clym finds his mother (356)

×          Captain Vye tells Eustacia of Wildeve’s £11,000 (362)

×          Wildeve arrives

×          Mrs Yeobright dies(368)

×          Clym feels guilt and Eustacia agonises over whether to tell him that his mother did call

×          Christian tells Clym that his mother had been on her way to see him (380)

×          Venn calls to see Mrs Yeobright when Clym is there.

×          Clym puzzles over why his mother should say she had forgiven him and also that she had not: ‘my mother was no impulsive woman who changed her opinion every hour without reason’ (384)

×          Clym visits Susan Nonsuch (385) and Johnny reveals that Mrs Yeobright ‘was coming away’ (386)

×          Clym confronts Eustacia (389)

×          Charlie protects Eustacia from suicide (397 – 401)

×          Charlie lights the bonfire (403)

×          Clym talks with Thomasin (410 –412)

×          Clym decides to wait a few days before sending to Eustacia (412)

×          Clym’s letter to Eustacia (412)

×          Clym’s letter is delivered late because Fairway forgot it (417) and Captain Vye does not give Eustacia the letter, wishing not to disturb her(418)

×          Eustacia leaves the house and walks on the heath (420)

×          Susan makes the effigy  (422) Both Thomasin and Captain Vye arrive at Clym’s – spectres of elopement and suicide raised (426-7)

×          Clym, Captain Vye and Thomasin all on the heath by 430

×          Thomasin enlists Venn’s help (432)

×          Events at Shadwater weir (436-9)

×          Venn is present to the end of the scene (441)

×          Book VI

×          Clym wanders the heath

×          Thomasin is modest in expenditure and lives with Clym, separately.

×          Venn returns in Christian hue

×          Maypole-day (452)

×          Venn looks for glove (454)

×          Thomasin discovers the glove is hers (456)

×          Thomasin tells Clym she will marry Venn (464)

×          Hardy points out that Venn ‘was to have retained his isolated and weird character to the last, and to have disappeared mysteriously from the heath’ (464)


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