Pointers to Books 3 & 4

The Return of the Native

Points to look out for in Books 3 and 4

Book Third

The fascination

Find evidence for these subject areas, keeping an eye open for narrative devices such as contrast and recurring elements (e.g. images, ideas, phrases)

Chapter I

Clym’s beliefs & views

Rustic response to Clym

Chapter II

Clym’s purpose

Clym & the heath – analysis

Clym’s views of Paris- analysis

The reactions to Eustacia’s treatment in church

Chapter III

The nature of Clym’s and his mother’s love

Chapter IV

The significance of Paris – analysis

Chapter V

Clym on the heath – analysis

Chapter VI

The setting and use of pathetic fallacy

The natures of Wildeve and Thomasin

Chapter VII

Find two key points

Chapter VIII

Evidence of the ‘incongruity between the men’s deeds and environment’


Book IV

Chapter I

Pathetic fallacy and imagery

Social status


Chapter II

Fate and reality

Effects of change of status

Clym at one with the heath

Change in the relationship

Chapter III

Significance of the gipsying

Effects of dancing, moonlight, secrecy




Chapter V

Clym on heath

Chapter VI

Mrs Y’s feelings

Chapter VII


Chapter VIII

Eustacia’s thoughts on Wildeve


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