Philip Larkin, when contrasting Hardy with Yeats, wrote that the attributes of Hardy as a poet are: concrete, realistic, sincere, modest, Saxon and sane! (‘Letters to Monica’ p221, ed Anthony Thwaite)


English Literature in Context – Elizabeth Gurr  OUP

The Older Hardy

Great Figures in the Labour Movement – J N Evans

Thomas Hardy – The Tragic Novels  – ed. R P Draper

Letts Revise AS English Literature – Margaret Walker

Thomas Hardy, Critical Heritage – ed R G Cox

Thomas Hardy by Douglas Brown

Unnamed article on net http://www.prestigeweb.com/hardy/critiques/native.html

Thomas Hardy Association

The Student Journal Vol. 1, issue 1 1998 Discovering Hardy’s Eustacia Vye:  The Coexistence of Adolescent Rebel and Tragic Heroine .  Julie Stephens


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