Translations: Hugh (character)

In what ways is Hugh successful and accomplished?

Develop this answer with e.g. He runs the hedge school.  Classical scholar, the master with a ‘residual air of dignity’

 What personal weaknesses do you find in him?  Consider what he says and how he behaves with others.  Give full details, including quotes, examples.

 Start with…   He treats Manus as servant.  ‘As always a large quantity of drink taken’.  Accepts the activities of the British as ‘opus honestum’.   ‘You’re very welcome gentlemen.’  Pompous.  Over gracious: ‘Your friends are my friends’.  Prepared to insult Daniel O’Connor as a ‘little Kerry politician’ but not to resist the British.

 What are his attitudes towards his culture and language?

For instance: English ‘could not really express us.’  Defends it against Daniel O’Connor.  Expects Wordsworth to have heard of him.  ‘A rich language’ which is ‘our response to mud cabins and a diet of potatoes.’

 What are his attitudes towards The British, their culture and their language?

Consider: Prepared to accept post at New National School.  English is ‘plebean’.  English language ‘particularly suited’ to ‘purposes of commerce’ and cannot ‘really express us’.  ‘We tend to overlook your island.’


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