Translations: Owen (character)

In what ways is Owen successful and accomplished?

He is ‘Handsome’ and ‘attractive’.  Owns nine shops and has horses and servants.  Risen from humble beginnings.  Socially competent.  Inhabitants of Baile Beag are impressed by his success.  Holds the important position of translator.

 What personal weaknesses do you find in him?  Consider what he says and how he behaves with others.  Give full details, including quotes, examples.

 Owen is totally immersed in his translation work.  Believes people can be ‘decoded’.

What is his attitude towards his culture and language?

 He says it is ‘archaic tongue’. ‘you people’.  Left Baile Beag.  Translates for British into ‘the King’s good English’.  Engrossed in task of translating / ‘standardising’.  Note the changes in his attitude.

 What are his attitudes towards The British, their culture and their language?

‘Two friends of mine’.  Wants the translation process to go smoothly.  His views change.


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