(Quotes on the theme)


‘the dog licked his face 53; there ith a love in the world, not all Thelf-interetht after all’ 262

Mrs Pegler

‘I only want a glimpse’ 70; Her response to Gradgrind 234


‘you abundantly repay my care’ 90; ‘I have supposed the head to be all-sufficient.  It may not be all-; Sufficient’ 200; Refers to Sissy endearingly as ‘Sissy’ 216


For Sissy: ‘kissed her’ 54; Her eyes would follow Sissy with compassion’ 55

for brother: ‘You are a dear brother’ 46; ‘This whelp is the only creature she cares for’ 117 / 160

Visits Stephen: ‘quick sympathy’ 143;

Through the eyes of others: the better and profounder part of her character was not within his [Harthouse’s] scope of perception 150; Tom ‘no less hatefully and unprofitably spurning all the good in the world.’  172

Louisa’s sister: her arm round Sissy’s neck, and [Louisa] felt the difference of this approach 179.

Dreams Lost: ‘The stature of a great Charity in the heart, suffering little children to come into the midst of it, and to keep with their pure hands a garden in the stony ways of this world’ 177.   ‘Crushed my better angel into a demon.’ 195.


‘gentle touch upon his arm’ 59; ‘I am thy friend with al my heart and my mind’ 74; ‘looked as if she had glory shining around her head’; ‘Thou art an angel’ 79; Has ‘compassion’ for Stephen’s wife 267


‘echo in his innermost heart’ 59; ‘her blessed face’ 72; ‘the light of her face shone in upon the midnight of his mind’ 73; follows the star to ‘the God of the poor’ 246

Sissy Jupe and her father

‘My good kind father’ 33; her sends her to fetch some Nine oils to protect her from his leaving; ‘before I break my heart’ 35; She has ‘Faith that he would be made happier by her remaining where she was’ 49; Loiusa asks ‘did your father love her?’  She replies: ‘Oh yes as dearly as he loves me’52/2; ‘he left me for my good 52; ‘said nothing but ‘my darling!’ and ‘My love’ 54; Sissy looked [at Louisa] in pity, in sorrow’ 92; Louisa begs: ‘Forgive me, pity me, help me!  Have compassion on my great need, and let me lay this head of mine upon a loving heart!’ 202; Sissy speaks to Harthouse 205; Sissy supports Rachael 227 230 231 239

The circus company

‘Gentleness’ 30; Bounderby says: ‘goodpeople’(but he does not mean it); Sleary says: ‘good natur’d people’; Kissing and embracing her’ 35; Sleary hides Tom 253


(Ironical):  she ‘looked at him ‘with such great compassion’ 93.


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