The Passionate Shepherd to His Love: Symbols

The symbolic significance of Myrtle


MYRTLE – Love, Joy, Hebrew Emblem of marriage. The myrtle flower is associated not only with love and affection, but it signifies joy and happiness. In medieval times, the myrtle was used for bridal garlands. Flowers are inseparable from wedding ceremonies, where they are emblems of fertility as well as decoration. In the past, the bride wore a garland of flowers in her hair, signifying that the reputation of the bride was flawless. The Roman bridegroom wore a wreath of myrtle. The Victorians, with their love of flowers, endowed them with finer shade of meaning. Myrtle in the Victorian era came to be associated with duty, affection, discipline and home. This flower is also the Hebrew emblem of marriage. In the world of superstition, if a person dreams of a myrtle, it is a promise of many lovers and a legacy.   Source

Symbolic significance of coral

Coral has been called the ‘garden of the sea’. Records dating back thousands of years confirm Coralthat coral was used in decorative art objects. It was believed to prevent ill fortune and offer protection from skin disease when worn as a necklace. Dreams about coral are believed to foretell recovery from a long illness. Ancients believed that Mars was composed of red coral.   Source

Coral symbolizes life and blood force energy. It is a talisman against bleeding, evil spirits, and hurricanes. Also, it is said to cure madness and give wisdom.

Symbolic significance of the rose

Greek myths accentuate the symbolic nature of the rose. The most famous surround Aphrodite (Venus), the Goddess of love, who sprang forth into life from the foam of the sea; where the foam fell to the ground white roses grew. There is a dual nature to love: purity and innocence represented by white roses; desire and sexual gratification by the red.

Symbolic significance of Amber

To the Norse, Amber was the golden tears of the Goddess Freya that fell into the sea and solidified.  Amber is said to be the tears of Heliads grieving for her dead brother Phaethon, who fell into the River Eridanos, which were hardened by the sun into Amber.  To the ancient Greeks, Amber came from the apples of immortality (hence the name from the Greek ambrotos, meaning ambrosia). From this legend, amber was believed to instill protection to its wearer and increase longevity. The Romans picked up on this, believing Amber a first rate protector, so much so, the Roman Gladiators adorned their shields and weapons with it.  In Christianity, Amber is thought to be tears shed by birds at Christ’s death.   Source



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