Death of a Salesman: Worksheet 1

Worksheet for pages 19-35.  Unfortunately the column lines do not show – I am working to rectify!



Short quotes or examples


Your response with reference to character, theme and/or dramatic significance

19 Willy’s attitude to Bernard
20 Being liked
20 Willy’s ideal
21 Backtracking on amount of sales
21-22 Different views on Chevrolet
22 Being liked
23 Stockings
23 Respect
23-24 Laughter ‘from darkness’
24 Willy’s appreciation of Linda
25 Stockings
25 Last nine lines and the following half page on 26
26 Stage directions halfway down page
26 ‘I never in my life told him anything but decent things’
26 What he praises Ben for
27 ‘The woods are burning’ What he might mean when he says this and the effect on the audience
28 ‘I’ve got nothing to give [Biff].’
29 ‘A man who cannot handle tools is not a man’
29 ‘Ben’s music’
29-30 How Ben’s ghost/memory enters scene and the two conversations Willy conducts
30 ‘B: Is mother living with you?W: No she died a long time ago.’
31 Going through wall-line
31 Ben!  I’ve been waiting for you so long!’
31 ‘Where’ve you been all these years?  Willy’s always wondered why you – ‘
32 ‘The greatest things can happen!’
32-33 The flute
33 ‘rugged, well-liked, allaround.’
33 The fight
33 Linda ‘coldly frightened.’
33 ‘Biff can fell any one of these trees’
34 The significance of the different responses to stealing from the building site.
34-35 Business is difficult
35 Willy’s admission about himself
27&35 ‘walk into a jungle’

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