Other Study Guides

  • I cannot recommend The Basics of English enough.  This is an excellent website, aimed at first year undergraduates, which is highly informative and written clearly.  It is essentially a free course which leads you through the interrelated aspects of literary critical terminology with interesting examples.   It also gives ample opportunities for practical activities.
  • The Lilia Melani site is a particularly well informed (and well organised) website which gives useful insights and backgrounds to these Nineteenth Century British novels: Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, Dickens’ Great Expectations, Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles,  Thackeray’s Vanity Fair and Austen’s Emma.  Elsewhere, on the same site, there is plenty on material on The Gothic,  starting with addressing the meaning of the term and then moving on to such topics as the difference between terror and horror and Edmund Burke on the sublime.
  • Ad’s Blog is an excellent source of helpful, informed guidance on a wide range of authors and texts.  Use the ‘search button’ to find what you are looking for.
  • The Cummings Study Guides are a preliminary introduction to, and exploration of, a huge range of literary texts with a considerable amount on Shakespeare’s works.  Recommended starting point to literary study.  Far too many adverts, but one has to earn a living!


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