Pre-modification and post-modification

Modifiers are usually adjectives and adverbs but they can also be phrases and clauses. They refine meaning e.g. ;  I see clearly,

falling_leaf-wallpaper-1024x1024Consider these two:

  1. The fayre was an entire wash-out.  (Adjective pre-modifies noun)
  2. The leaf fell slowly.  (Adverb post-modifies the verb)
  3. The leaf slowly fell.   (Adverb pre-modifies the verb)
  4. the red house is at the end of the street.  (adjective pre-modifies noun)
  5. the house, which is red, is at the end of the street.  (adjective post-modifies noun)

A pre-modifier tends to draw greater attention/emphasis than a post-modifier (see 2 & 3) but do note that position can also change overall meaning (see 4 & 5).


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